A total of 199.971 SEK was granted to 9 applicants by the administrators of the foundation after the annual meeting of the advisory board in Stockholm October 26, 2018.
Applicant  Country Purpose Amount
Esperantoförlaget  Sweden  Bookgifts containing children’s books in Esperanto  25.000 SEK
ULI  Germany  Publication of Progreso  13.900 SEK
Deutsche IDO gesellschaft  Germany  Operation of the German IDO Society  15.000 SEK
 Sweden Project: “Activity reports and annual reports of state-owned companies as a unique genre”.  30.000 SEK
 Sweden Experiments within doctoral project:”The building blocks of sound symbolism”  10.000 SEK
Södertörn University  Sweden Support to conference: “The 6th Swearing in Scandinavia Symposium”  28.224 SEK
 Sweden  Project: “Processability Theory and Development Stages in Vietnamese”  17.847 SEK
 Sweden Project: “Perfect timing – the neural correlates of feedback in conversation”.  10.000 SEK
Sweden Project:”Neurocognitive aspects of success in sign language interpreting training”. 50.000 SEK
Grants 2018