Regulations of the IDO foundation

The foundation was established by the Swedish Ido Association during its dissolution in 1996. The assets donated comes from the Robsahm fund of the association. The regulations have been approved by the Swedish Ido Association at the time of its extra general meeting August 2, 1996.

  1. The main objective of the foundation is to promote teaching, education and research within the linguistic field. As the resources of the foundation originally had been donated in order to promote the international universal language Ido, should if appropriate, such teaching, education and research be promoted which deals with universal language or other means to overcome barriers between people and nations
  2. The foundation will be administered by SEB – Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken in Stockholm
  3. The foundation is supervised by the County Administrative Board in Stockholm
  4.  Swedish legislation concerning foundations (1994 : 1220 ) is applicable for the foundation.

The Ido foundation has decided not to grant means for individual education for a level comparable to Swedish secondary schools or basic levels at Swedish universities. Basic levels implies education on a level lower than preparation for licentiate and doctorate examination. Means for travel and printing expenses will not be granted. The foundation will not notify those whose applications has been rejected.