A total of SEK 216,000 was granted to 8 applicants by the administrators of the foundation after the annual meeting of the advisory board in Stockholm October 23, 2019


Applicant Country Purpose Amount
Sweden Project: Speech Perception and distributional learning SEK 30,000
Sweden Project: Listening and learning in English medium instruction SEK 23,000
Esperantoförlaget Sweden
Book-gifts to Esperanto-organisations in Asia, Africa and Latin America
SEK 25,000
Blissymbol Communication UK United Kingdom Project: Implementing a Unicode for Blissymbols Phase 4 SEK 50,000
Deutsche IDO-gesellschaft Germany Operation of the German IDO Society SEK 20,000
ULI Germany Publication of  Progreso SEK 20,000
Sweden Project: Teacher viewpoints about multilingualism SEK 18,000
Finland Project: A comparative grammar of four Mara Bantu languages SEK 30,000
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